control NOUN 1) the power to influence people's behaviour or the course of events. 2) the restriction of an activity or phenomenon. 3) a means of limiting or regulating something: exchange controls. 4) a device by which a machine is regulated. 5) the place where something is verified or from which an activity is directed: passport control. 6) a person or thing used as a standard of comparison for checking the results of a survey or experiment.
VERB (controlled, controlling) 1) have control or command of. 2) limit or regulate.
in control — Cf. ↑in control
out of control — Cf. ↑out of control
under control — Cf. ↑under control
DERIVATIVES controllability noun controllable adjective controllably adverb controller noun.
ORIGIN originally in the sense «verify accounts»: from Old French contreroller 'keep a copy of a roll of accounts' , from Latin contrarotulus 'copy of a roll' .

English terms dictionary. 2015.